About these works

As with theories in psychology that understand the self as constituted of different ‘personas’, Clara Pallí Monguilod’s practice is metaphorically shaped by a conversation between five different characters.

The first one is the philosopher. She is preoccupied with the finite quality of things and thinking about how we can live more fully, questioning the structures that dictate how things ‘should’ be.

The second one is the illusionist. Using disorienting tricks, she reveals obscure connections between events from the past, present and future. She replicates the opaque ways in which narratives are constructed, while being moved by a desire to understand.

The third character is the surrealist. She is fascinated by the potential of the strange and unknown as a way to come to new meaning and to question the norm.

The fourth one is the mystic. She looks for the significance of things, embracing an experience of mystery and spirituality, while grounded in an earthly realm.

And finally, the artist, who explores what role art can play in all the above mentioned wonderings.

Pallí holds a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and a Master Artistic Research from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Since 2004, alongside a career as a visual artist, she has been devoted to co-curating and co-directing Art Space 1646 in The Hague (www.1646.nl).