About these works

In the last years, my work has explored the role of art to regain a sense of agency and mystery. It is grounded on the questioning of inherited constructs, such as tradition, social structures, religious beliefs, the notion of ‘progress’. It understands reality as being ‘in the making’, generative of different meanings, open, shapable, intriguing and uncertain.

Two main series of video works, among others, have been at the core of this exploration.

The Strange Revelations series embodies the process of contrasting uncertainty to traditional constructs that had procured a sense of security within my background community.

The Latent Apparitions series critically reacts to visual representations of the Early Modern period. Each work takes different painting genres of the seventeenth century as a starting point, such as still life, animal scenes and landscape.

While none of these paintings have the human figure as a direct protagonist, they become actors or sceneries to tell stories of how these visual representations from early capitalism started shaping new ways of experiencing the world that still impact the way we live. For example, ways in which we relate to one another, to materiality, ambition, nature, new technologies, as well as to a sense of endless continuity and progress.