About these works

The recurrent topic in my work is what writer Philip Peters in his essay called ‘the human shortcoming’. This refers to the failing of men in their urge to understand ones’ position in the world.

‘What sets people apart from other animals is a much-discussed topic about which there seems to be no consensus. I can imagine that we are the only ones who feel the need for meaning, for understanding our environment and our position in it. That is one of the reasons why we have developed very complex strategies and rituals that are not always equally rational, but should in principle enable us to understand each other or at least deal with each other.’ Peters, P. (2014) ‘Het menselijk tekort in voortdurende verandering. Over vier video’s van Clara Pallí Monguilod’.

Within this broader topic, my work simultaneously evolved into the questioning of the making of art and its position in society. This mirrored my own urge, as an artist, to understand another constructed ritual (art), around which there is, as well, little consensus.

My practice explores single channel video as a medium, which allows me to document the manipulation and the direction of daily life situations in order to question that same reality as I am looking at. These video works present one single scene, at times resembling classical paintings, where an action is conducted clearly by non-actors under the instructions of an invisible director (myself). This element of amateurism, lack of control, and the sense of uncertainty that comes with it have always been important qualities in my work. They represent sensations inherent to the experience of trying to navigate and make sense of the many rituals people have created.